3 Fun Outdoor Activities with Friends in the Summer

by Gaute H. March 01, 2023 2 min read

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The summer is almost here

The summer is almost here, so let's start planning some fun activities to make this year's summer a memorable one! Below are 3 fun ideas to get you started.

Outdoor cinema
1. Outdoor movie night

An outdoor cinema is a great way to transform your garden to enjoy a fun movie night with friends or family. What is cozier than watching a thrilling movie under the stars? Bring all the pillows and blankets you have, and make sure you have enough snacks for everyone.

Stuff you need:

  • A place shielded from the wind to set up the screen
  • A projector - there are multiple cheap, portable ones on the market
  • A white bedsheet to be used as a screen - make sure to tie it well (both top and bottom)
  • A seating area with pillows and blankets
  • Ridiculous amounts of snacks

Want to take the outdoor cinema to the next level? Garden lighting or lanterns could really enhance the atmosphere at your homemade outdoor cinema. When the evenings get a little chilly, you’ll want to keep your guest warm and cozy. A patio heater or a dedicated fire pit can provide heat and a cozy atmosphere. Now you only need to pop the popcorn and get ready for an unforgettable movie night under the stars.

Road trip with friends
2. Go on a road trip with friends

Whether you’re itching to cross the country or simply a no-fuss near-cation, a road trip is the answer. Get a map out and start pinpointing your route with friends. Deciding on all the stops, detours, and roads to take is exciting, so grab some snacks and make a night out of it.

What attractions are you trying to see along the way? Are you choosing the coastal route to stop for a quick dip in the ocean? Or driving through majestic mountains? To take it to the next level you can even combine it with camping. Bring a tent or rent an RV and set course for mother nature.

Make sure you are all set before heading out on your adventure. Some things to remember:

  • Insurance
  • Necessary paperwork
  • Cash and coins for tolls, parking meters etc.
  • Plenty of water and snacks

Camping outdoors under open sky with stars
3. Camp under the open sky

It doesn't matter how you camp - in an RV, a tent or a vacation rental. Those are just the places where you hang your jacket and curl up for the night. Camping is an opportunity for serious fun and activities with your friends or family.

The number of fun activities is endless when you’re camping with good company. Try activities like swimming, fishing, hiking, stargazing, playing card games, or storytelling. Got the campfire going? Time for ghost stories, sing-alongs (including a guitar is a major bonus), dancing around the fire, and a seriously unhealthy amount of s’mores.

If this sounds all too hectic, what about a sleepcation? Book a night at a hotel for the sole purpose of rejuvenating with a relaxing night of sleep. We won’t judge!

Gaute H.
Gaute H.

Founder of Oceanness. Enjoys the ocean, hanging out with friends, and exploring the world. Favorite ocean animal: Dolphins.

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