7 Tips for Plastic Free July

by Gaute H. June 01, 2023 2 min read

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July 1st marks the start of the global movement, Plastic Free July. Staying plastic free is not an easy task in today's high consumption society. However, that is also why Plastic Free July is so great, as it provides an opportunity to join your peers to make a difference. Who knows, perhaps you'll make some new habits and friends on the way.

Here are 7 tips for a Plastic Free July. Are you ready to be a Wavemaker?

1. Stop sucking! Say no to plastic straw

Say "no, thanks" to plastic straws when you're at a restaurant or buying a drink. If you need or want a straw, we suggest bringing a reusable alternative. There are even collapsible ones that you can bring wherever you go!

2. Bring your own (reusable) bag

Always keep a reusable bag in your car or in your purse, and you'll always be prepared to say no to new plastic bags. Find yourself a fashionable tote bag and score some fashion points while you're at it.

3. Reusable bottles and mugs

We see them everywhere. Plastic bottles, and even they office sinner, the innocent looking paper coffee cups that are actually wrapped in a thin layer of plastic. Bring your reusable bottle and save both money and the environment.

4. Shop at your local farmer's market

This tip has multiple benefits. You will be able to enjoy local food and support your local community, and usually you will also have access to unwrapped, delicious fruit and vegetables.

5. Make the switch to refillable shampoo and soap

Give up shampoo and soap in plastic bottles and make the switch to shampoo and soap bars, or perhaps some refillable alternatives. And that amazing hairstyle you have? Shape it with hair styling products that come in tins and glass jars.

6. Wrap it, but not with disposable plastic

Utilise reusable containers instead of disposable plastic for leftover food. Less of a mess and we promise the leftover food will taste better.

7. We're in this together

OK, this is not a tip, but rather some last words of encouragement. It may seem comprehendible when we talk about the massive plastic pollution problems we are facing, but your actions do matter. We can accomplish so much more when we work together, inspiring, and supporting each other in a positive, guilt-free environment. So let's make this the greatest Plastic Free July yet - together.

Do you have any tips for going plastic free? Let me know by reaching out in the chat or emailing me at ahoy@oceanness.com

Gaute H.
Gaute H.

Founder of Oceanness. Enjoys the ocean, hanging out with friends, and exploring the world. Favorite ocean animal: Dolphins.

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