Transparent clothes, each with its own story

We are cray-sea about transparency!

We have created a brand new approach to transparency. Every Oceanness apparel is unique with its own special QR code. By scanning the QR code, you will be taken to that exact clothing item's page. Here, you can delve into the apparel's journey, from cradle to your hands.

Where did I help collect ocean-bound plastic? And who made my exact clothing item?

Scan the QR code and see what makes your exact clothing item unique.

Scanning QR code on t-shirt label

From recycled plastic bottles to soft eco apparel

All Oceanness clothes are made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, including 100% recycled t-shirts, swim trunks and hoodies. In addition, every clothing item purchased comes with a 100 Pulled Promise, which means that you fund the collection of 100 additional plastic bottles from the ocean and coastlines through your purchase. With Oceanness, you make a positive impact on both the environment and your fashion style.

Every Oceanness clothing item and necklace comes with a unique QR code that shows you exactly where you pulled ocean-bound plastic. We have several collection points in high-impact areas, such as Haiti and Indonesia. On the live map below you can browse all the different collection points where we pull ocean-bound plastic.

Oceanness recycled eco-friendly t-shirt in Ocean Green Oceanness stopping ocean plastic Oceanness unique turtle necklace made from ocean plastic in Norway

Ethically and sustainably made with a personal touch

All Oceanness clothes and jewelry are ethically and sustainably made. We practice transparency by providing a unique QR code on each clothing item and necklace. By scanning the QR code, you get to know the exact person that made your unique Oceanness apparel.

Our recycled ocean necklaces and rings are handcrafted in Norway, using ocean plastic collected from the Norwegian coastline. Our clothes are sustainably produced in different areas of Asia, and designed in Norway.

Oceanness recycled and ethical eco-friendly hoodie Oceanness unique eco-friendly flamingo swim trunks Oceanness unique turtle necklace made from ocean plastic in Norway