5 Amazing Bucket List Ideas for an Eventful Summer

by Gaute H. September 20, 2022 2 min read

Travel items, map and camera

Much like the word “wanderlust”, travel bucket lists can feel a bit cheesy. But after nearly two years of existential crises (thank you covid), who among us cares about being cheesy? Life is too short, and the mind-bobbling places to visit too many! So grab your pen and paper and get ready to manifest your next adventure.

Swimming with whale sharks underwater
1. Swim with the (big) fishies

Land excursions are cool and all, but snorkeling and scuba diving offer an entirely different, no less enchanting window into the world. Check out Indonesia's Raja Ampat, the bullseye of the Coral Triangle, whose waters are home to nearly three times as many fish species as you'll find in the Carribean. Or check out Isla Mujeres in Mexico in the summer, where you'll only need a mask and snorkel to swim amongst whale sharks, the largest fish in the oceans.

Bioluminescent water
2. Dip in bioluminescent water

Bioluminescent water is a magical, natural phenomenon that you just have to witness. Imagine floating in waters at night, and every move you make triggers little shimmers of blue light around you. This glow is caused by dinoflagellates, a plankton that lights up when moved. You can find this mystical phenomenon in the likes of Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico, Toyama Bay in Japan, the Blue Grotto in Malta, and the Maldives.

The Great Wall of China at sunset
3. Sleep on a watchtower of the Great Wall of China

A trip to China wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Great Wall, but to take it to the next level, camp overnight on one of its watchtowers. A handful of guide operators lead groups to the Wall at sunset, where you can legally and safely spend the night! Remember to bring a sleeping bag and get ready to soak in an extraordinary night at the largest man-made project in the world. Catch a beautiful sunrise early in the morning and set out on a three-hour hike with hardly any tourists.

Machu Picchu
4. See a lost ancient city

You know the names: Machu Picchu, Pompeii, Easter Island, Petra. To travel to these sites is to visit not only a faraway place, but a distant time and civilization. One of the most famous destinations is Machu Picchu, an Incan citadel 2,430 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Explore what is considered one of the seven wonders in the world, with intriguing buildings that play on astronomical alignments and panoramic views. Its exact former use remains a mystery.

Travel abroad on plane
5. Book a one-way ticket abroad

Unpack your suitcase in a foreign country and settle in without a return date in sight. Teach English in Vietnam. Volunteer for wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe. Be a digital nomad in Bali. Or find a nice beach in a cheap coastal paradise and stay so long you forget the password to your work computer. Options are limitless, and they all come with amazing new experiences and perspectives.

Gaute H.
Gaute H.

Founder of Oceanness. Enjoys the ocean, hanging out with friends, and exploring the world. Favorite ocean animal: Dolphins.

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