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by Gaute Hellerslia March 29, 2020 1 min read

In these uncertain times with the Corona virus, we figured we’d spread some good news in an otherwise gloomy news scene! Did you miss the first round of positive news? If so, check it out here

Wildlife returns to Venice canals

Happy news #1 - Wildlife returns to Venice canals
In Venice, residents are now taking pictures of swans and fish in the famous canals, and dolphins have been spotted in harbors nearby. Now that the otherwise hectic city is quiet and empty of tourists due to the corona virus, the water quality is considerably better and wildlife has returned.
China had no new cases of corona in 24 hours
Happy news #2 - China had no new cases of corona in 24hrs
As a result of the positive developments in China, all 14 temporary corona treatment hospitals in Wuhan has been closed down.
New York State bans plastic bags
Happy news #3 - New York bans plastic bags
The new law, called the Bag Waste Reduction Law, took effect March 1st 2020. New York is responsible for using an average of 23 billion plastic bags in a year. The new law is a major step towards reduced plastic waste.
Stay safe and take care of each other :)

Gaute Hellerslia
Gaute Hellerslia

Founder of Oceanness. Enjoys the ocean, hanging out with friends, and exploring the world. Favorite ocean animal: Dolphins.

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